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Accident & Emergency/Training

Here at Medstore we supply a full fange of products for Accident and Emergency Departments, from Suction Machines, splinths,firstaid,Nebuliser sets, Defibrillators,transit chairs,resusitation and suttion kits, stretchers,eye wash dispensers, Medical Instruments, Hand wash Systems, a full range of gels from all major suppliers

Accident & Emergency/Training

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  1. Sharps Bins

    Sharps Bins,identifiable sharpbins from medstore
  2. Universal Glove Holder Universal Glove Holder

    Universal Glove Holder

    Universal holder for gloves and tissue boxes, with little sharp teeth automatically

    Regular Price: €22.50

    Special Price €16.90

  3. Centrefeed Rolls x 6 Units/White

    centrefeed rolls meddstore
  4. Clear Case Ampoule Holder

    Clear Case Ampoule Holder
  5. Patient Blanket

    Provide warmth and comfort to patients Washable and reusable
  6. Waterproof Cast Covers

    the world for over 15 years. Our patented vacuum seal ensures that not a drop of water gets in and your cast or bandage stays completely dry.
  7. The Smart Ampoule Dispenser

    ampoule dispenser offers a firm stand for all ampoules up to 10ml, especially developed glue the ampoules stick on the side without leaving any glue residues all ampoules are visible at on sight and the dispenser is extreamly easy to handle 20cm x 12 x 20.9 cm L/W/H
  8. Prep Wipes

    alcoholprep wipes
  9. Laytex Gloves

    medstore.is a supplier of laytex gloves
  10. Sterile Eye Pods

    sterile saline solution is ideal for irrigating eyes and general wound washing applications Ensure you have adequate eyewash facilities at
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Items 1 to 10 of 229 total

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