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Ampoule Containers.Openers/Bags

Here at Medstore we supply a range of Ampoule dispensers/Oppeners, and bags to store and transport ampoules, if you cannot locate what you are looking for please call our sale team today

Ampoule Containers.Openers/Bags

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  1. Quicksmart Pocket Amp Opener

    ampolue openers save time and money today
  2. The Universal Case

    cover is used as a writing pad and comes with a swivel closed against the bottom tray in the cover shell is attached to a moving tableau, at the top there is an ampule for 70 ampoules of varying sizes. The underside of the panel is equipped with an office part. This provides an A3 compartment and two pockets for prescription pads clamp for the safe reception of your documents
  3. The Variant

    profile increased, so light and durable. Individual classification possibilities with 12 adjustable dividers. Two tops, one with an office section. Including separate vials bag for at least 10 small, 11 medium and 13 large vials. Depending on the combination of plug but also enable larger quantities of small vials can be accommodated, albeit without the use of
  4. The Ideal Doctors Case

    solid case due to high impact resistant ABS plastic technology with leatherette or real leather trim Large storage room with a good overview When you open the two halves of the cover with contents fold away to the side, so that the interior is accessible Double lock system made of ABS plastic Ergonomically designed dual handle
  5. The Smart Ampoule Dispenser

    ampoule dispenser offers a firm stand for all ampoules up to 10ml, especially developed glue the ampoules stick on the side without leaving any glue residues all ampoules are visible at on sight and the dispenser is extreamly easy to handle 20cm x 12 x 20.9 cm L/W/H
  6. Medicare Case/Ampoule holder

    in the lid is placed a removable double panel, which is attached by swivels. The front panel serves as the office section, the rear panel offers on the front page space for 67 ampoules of varying sizes. Exterior: comfortable grip, 2 lockable locks, 4 bottom studs
  7. The Liberdo

    In 4 plastic boxes, which slide when you open the trunk automatically stepped to the side. The lower box pair of bars arbitrarily divisible, and is used for recording small parts. The upper pair ever one lying on the ground and another as an ampoule tray cover. Total ampoules of varying sizes
  8. Clear Case Ampoule Holder

    Clear Case Ampoule Holder
  9. Snapit AMP Opener Trolley Reg

    snap it opener from medstore
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