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Paramedical supplies including Automatic loading stretcher multiposition stretcher ,wheelchair  stretcher,  call our sales team today for your requirements

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  1. Two-piece collar - Set of 6 collars in a bag

    Made in polyethylene with washable internal part made in EVA (kind of rubber) fixed to structure by plastic rivets
  2. Cytotoxic Drug Spillage Kit

    Spills of cytotoxic drugs present special problems on Wards, in Oncology Departments or in the Pharmacy during preparation. However these problems can be overcome simply and safely by using Guest Cytotoxic Drugs Spills Kit. The CT-Zorb Granules are inert and will quickly and efficiently absorb all the moisture, thus containing the spill and preventing it spreading further. It only remains to safely collect the granules and spilt matter and dispose according to local procedure using the other items supplied in the kit.
  3. Hypothermic Blanket

    Reflects and retains over 80% of radiated body heat to keep a person warm and protected even at subzero temperature. Waterproof, reusable, wind proof, lightweight. Made of polypropylene Fralom fibre coupled to a metallized polyethylene fibre. Blanket colour may change in the time.
  4. Casualty Simulation Kit IV

    This complex EMT (Emergency Medical Training) kit uses components applied to human and manikin patients to get the widest variety of training situations possible. Wounds strapped on, stuck on, created from wax and made to bleed challenge both the volunteer and the professional in areas of burns, lacerations, fractures of arms and legs and amputations; a good kit to simulate community disasters like bus accidents, or building explosions. The emergency medical training kit is supplied in a storage case and includes:
  5. Cricothyrotomy Simulator

    Anatomically Correct Realistic Appearance Replaceable Skin Replaceable Trachea Designed for learning and practicing the technique necessary to perform an emergency cricothyrotomy! Paramedics, EMTs, other emergency personnel, anesthesiologists - all now have the opportunity to perfect this technique. Normally, the availability of cadaver material has determined the degree of procedural practice. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Cricothyrotomy Simulator now offers the perfect alternative to cadavers. Palpable landmarks include the cricoid and thyroid cartilage
  6. Casualty Simulation Set

    Casualty Simulation Set
  7. Emergency Leg

    Emergency Leg
  8. Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit

    Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit
  9. ECG Simulator

    With this unit various ECG rhythms can be generated and displayed on an ECG-monitor (not included) for diagnostic training. All arrhythmias can be displayed in adult or pediatric mode so that a total of 34 rhythms are available. The unit can be used to upgrade W44143 and also works separately to practice operating a defibrillator/external pacer. Simply connect a defibrillator/external pacer to the simulator, defibrillate/pace directly into the simulator and observe ECG rhythms
  10. External Defibrillator

    Main features: Intelligent Arrhythmia Detector Efficient and effective e-cube Biphasic Truncated Exponential shock waveform Lightweight and highly portable Versatile Power Supply: rechargeable battery pack, AC/DC adapter, car cigar lighter jack (optional) Intelligent data management system
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Items 11 to 20 of 33 total

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