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  1. Pneumothorax Training Manikin

    Recommended by EMT (Emergency Medical Training) instructors, this model permits instruction of the delicate procedure for successfully managing chest wounds in which a collapsed lung interferes with the victim's respiration and blood flow. The model accepts needle and thoracotomy in the second intercostal space, in the mid-clavicular line, the fifth intercostal space in the mid-axillary line


    Designed in accordance with the original double wall principle, the new 100% latex-free Ambu bags are more robust and provide users with exceptional visual and tactile lung condition feedback during manual resuscitation, making operation safer and more secure
  3. External Defibrillator

    Main features: Intelligent Arrhythmia Detector Efficient and effective e-cube Biphasic Truncated Exponential shock waveform Lightweight and highly portable Versatile Power Supply: rechargeable battery pack, AC/DC adapter, car cigar lighter jack (optional) Intelligent data management system
  4. Flexi Chair

    Designed with the user in mind, this chair offers comfort, support and a friendly appearance, suiting most needs and a variety of users. This chair is suitable for a number of client groups; domestic/home use, nursing/residential care homes and the hospital environment
  5. Smart Cart 4 Shelf

    Smart cart - h 90 cm - grey/white RAL 7035
  6. Trolley 4 Shelves

    Produced without upstands at four sides for an easier cleaning. Delivered in kit
  7. Emergency Bag

    first-aid bag with double opening zip: bottom side with shockproof inner basin, upper side with 5 removable coloured pouches (model E1) with transparent window
  8. Emergency Bag

    airways small-medium-large Helicoidal mouthwedge and tongue holding forceps Atoxic tubing for connection to oxygen cylinder Laryngoscope with 3 single use blades Aneroid sphygmomanometer
  9. Emergency Kit

    : Comprehensive First Aid Kit, Hi-viz Waistcoats, Mini Megaphone, Whistles and Torches" Light weight and durable case to survive
  10. Number 10 Emergency Bag filled

    oxic tubing for connection to oxygen cylinder Laryngoscope with 3 s/s Mc-Intosh blades Palm aneroid sphygmomanometer - London Rappaport Stethoscope Universal scissors Res-q-Vac hand suction

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Items 21 to 30 of 32 total

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