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Alarm/Detecting Systems

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Alarm/Detecting Systems

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  1. New Wet Stop Bed Wetting Device New Wet Stop Bed Wetting Device

    New Wet Stop Bed Wetting Device


    Regular Price: €135.00

    Special Price €68.95

  2. Howler Alarm

    Howler Alarm
  3. Labcold Repeat Refrigerator Alarm

    Labcold Repeat Refrigerator Alarm
  4. Body Movement Detection Device

    Body Movement Detection Device
  5. Chair Alert Product

    Chair Alert Product
  6. Bed Alert Product

    Bed Alert Product
  7. Long Life Fall Mat

    Long Life Fall Mat
  8. Digital Sound Meter

    Specifications: Digital display: 4 digit LCD Height of digits: 20 mm Multi-functions display: 58x44 mm² Digital display of measurement, measuring time, bar graphs plus overs and unders Background lighting: blue Applicable standards

  9. Dosimeter Radex RD 1706

    Used for determining dose rates in µSv/h for β-, γ- and X-rays, this radiation meter can be operated by non-professionals while nonetheless offering the features of a professional dosimeter. Including two built-in Geiger-Müller counter tubes and a large, illuminated LCD display. The device measures the activity of β-and

  10. Infrared Thermometer, 800°C

    Surface thermometer for contactless temperature measurement from a safe distance
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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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