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Alarm/Detecting Systems

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Alarm/Detecting Systems

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  1. Infrared Thermometer, 800°C

    Surface thermometer for contactless temperature measurement from a safe distance
  2. Dosimeter Radex RD 1706

    Used for determining dose rates in µSv/h for β-, γ- and X-rays, this radiation meter can be operated by non-professionals while nonetheless offering the features of a professional dosimeter. Including two built-in Geiger-Müller counter tubes and a large, illuminated LCD display. The device measures the activity of β-and

  3. Digital Sound Meter

    Specifications: Digital display: 4 digit LCD Height of digits: 20 mm Multi-functions display: 58x44 mm² Digital display of measurement, measuring time, bar graphs plus overs and unders Background lighting: blue Applicable standards

  4. Body Movement Detection Device

    Body Movement Detection Device
  5. Labcold Repeat Refrigerator Alarm

    Labcold Repeat Refrigerator Alarm
  6. Howler Alarm

    Howler Alarm
  7. Hand Bell Alarm

    A reliable site alarm Tried and tested robust design Bell sounds 60db alarm at up to 35cm Pre-drilled flange for simple installation Red coated die cast aluminium dome

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7 Item(s)