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  1. Goggles for Simulating Drink Driving

    A New Dimension in Courses to Explain the Dangers of Drink Driving The state of been drunk and how that affects vision and co-ordination can be extremely effectively, realistically and intensely simulated by wearing these goggles. Young people in particular will unavoidably become aware of the danger that comes from drinking and driving. Supplied with case

  2. Consequences of Alcoholism”, 3D Info Board

    Consequences of Alcoholism”, 3D Info Board
  3. Alcohol Dependence Chart

    Alcohol Dependence Chart
  4. Death Of A Liver

    As this easel display reveals, alcohol abuse and other behaviors can destroy the liver. These three handpainted models depict a normal liver, a liver with hepatitis, and a liver with cirrhosis, highlighting the importance of liver health and function. Also emphasizes steps to help keep a liver healthy, including eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting alcohol, and practicing safe sex. Comes with protective fleece cover. 9" x 12".
  5. Smoker's Foul Mouth Display

    Smoker's Foul Mouth Display
  6. Tarred Lung Model

    Tarred Lung Model
  7. Life or Death of a Heart Display

    Life or Death of a Heart Display
  8. Test

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8 Item(s)