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Data Logging Devices/Measurement

Here at Medstore we supply Data Logging Devices, Remote Monitoring Devices, WiFi Sensors, Cloud Monitoring Devices,Easy Logging Devices, Cold Chain Monitoring Vaccine Monitoring,

Data Logging Devices/Measurement

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  1. Datacare

    Datacare200, weeks, months did it take to compile? How many minutes will it take to lose? Phoenix Datacare is the answer. A secure, modern, attractive and highly tested cabinet next to the computer or work station will ensure your files are effectively protected. Phoenix Datacare safes have been extensively tested in both the UK and Sweden. The Swedish data protection test NT FIRE 017-120 Diskette requires a temperature of 1050°C to be maintained over 2 hours. A model 2003 in this test restricted internal temperatures to only 39°C, thereby exceeding the minimum test required by 25%. All Datacare 2000 series
  2. Data Combi

    greater strength and resistance can be obtained with an optional PAD 4, anchor system. This device permanently bolts the safe to any type of floor and
  3. SafeStick Encrypted USB Memory Stick 1GB

    SafeStick Encrypted USB Memory Stick
  4. Fire Commander

    Fire Commanderis available as an option on 1902 and 1903. This media container is necessary should you wish to store data, as data has a low critical temperature of 52°C. All data requires extra protection against not only heat, but water, airborne debris, humidity, toxic gases, superheated steam and smoke, all of which are always present during a fire. This sealed container ensures that the Phoenix
  5. Firechief safe

    data protection safeThe cupboards are fitted as standard with heavy duty, three way espagnolette boltwork and locked by a high security double bitted key lock. An optional electronic lock can also be factory fitted. All models are equipped with height adjustable shelves with optional lateral rails available. Two further models available from this range of safes
  6. Fire Fighter

    Fire Fighter safes
  7. Titan data safe

    data protection safeEvery Titan firesafe is manufactured to withstand temperatures in excess of 927°C for over 60 minutes to International standards UL 72 Class 350 - 1hr and GB 1970. The safe is also drop tested from 10 metres to simulate falling through the floors of a burning building or being buried under a collapsing building. There are Two other versions in this range
  8. Data Logger

    LCD display for visible viewing of temperatures and exceeding of HI/LO thresholds Bright green and red LEDs to view visible logging or exceeding of HI/LO thresholds Water resistant and vented for correct sensing Smart logger with tripod receptacle and wrist strip for long time recording and fix on the wall Temperature range -35 to +80°C Stores up to 32,000 temperature readings Logging Rate (10s, 1m, 5m, 30m, 1hr, 6hr, 12hr)
  9. The new Istorage Flash Drive 4GB

    The iStorage datAshur® is the world' s most secure, easy to use and affordable USB flash drive, employing PIN code access with military grade AES 256-bit hardware encryption.
  10. Data Commander

    Data CommanderThis safe has also been extensively tested by independent laboratories in both the UK and Sweden to provide 2hrs fire protection at temperatures of 1045 degrees C whilst maintaining an internal temperature well below the critical temperature for media of 52 degrees C.
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