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Hair Restoration

You can find products for your hair restoration here at Medstore

From scrub brushes, Specialist Fridges, Sutures, Mobile BPM, Finger pluse Oximeters Needles, Footwear, Masks, Head apparel, Medical Instruments Medical Furniture and more

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Hair Restoration

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  1. Hypodermic Needles

    we supply a large range of Hypodermic needles From 16G to 30G various Colours, Lengths, Diameter
  2. Large Clinical Waste Bin

    Medical Grade Non Porous Shock Cord Fixed Handsfree System Castors Fitted Wall/Floor Protective Rubber Buffers Fitted Sealed Internally Screening/Labelling included as Standard Rust Resistant Primer System available
  3. Operating Theatre Light

    Colour Temperature (K) 4,300 ±500k Light Field Diameter 120 to 350mm Focusing Depth (mm) >800mm Colour Render Index (Ra) >95% Colour Render Index (R9) >90% Temperature Raise on Surgeon < 2°C Power Supply (V/HZ) 230V 50Hz Bulb Power (V/W) 24/150 Standard Installation Height 2.4m - 3.
  4. Pharmacy Medicine Fridge Counter Top

    Door lock Integral wall mounting brackets Auto defrost DH Green book and RPSGB/GPhC compliant Set point temperature display Designed for bench top storage, this professional pharmacy fridge is ideal for the surgery, pharmacy or ward. The integral lock ensures that contents are kept secure and the audio alarm makes sure that they are kept safely. Completely complies with all current guidance regarding the safe storage of vaccines. Can be wall mounted on integral brackets if required.
  5. The Dino-Lite TrichoScope HR

    Dino-Lite TrichoScope HR (MEDL7HMA) is a great instrument for the examination of the human scalp and for hair analysis, e.g. for hair loss research. With the high magnification of up to 200 times a single hair can be viewed with great detail. The 5 Megapixel sensor makes it
  6. The Dino Lite TrichoScope Basic

    analysis, e.g. for hair loss research. The special cone shaped cap allows easy separation of hair on the human head. With the high magnification of up to 200 times a single hair can be viewed with great detail. VGA (640x480) Resolution Basic model for Trichoscopy Up to 200x magnification Medical Device Class 1 Resolution: 640x480pixels (VGA
  7. Suture Training Simulator

    equipment and supplies to learn suturing techniques. Includes realistic skin pad (approx 25x25 cm) with integrated training guides, Hegar needle driver, Adson
  8. Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs With BP/Sp02 & Temperature

    ffordably Automated measurement of non invasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse rate, temperature and Sp02 in about 30 seconds Flexible configurations yet fully upgradeable to meet your future needs Lightweight and portable with a variety of mounting options All configurations include: NIBP, pulse rate and MAP Optional SureTemp thermometry, and choice of Nellcor
  9. 90° Drop End Couch System/Electric Version

    225kg (35 stone) from its lowest height Backrest & footrest adjustment by gas strut mechanism Operated as standard by a hand switch (footswitch optional) Leg section adjustable from -90º to +25º & backrest adjustment from -20º to +85º Hoist clearance of 13cm (5") Adjustable foot for uneven floors Fully washable/ fire retardant Ambla vinyl
  10. Available Sutures

    Monocryl Dyed/Undyed, Coated Vicryl Plus ,Proxi-Strip Skin Closure, Proline, Ethilon,Mersilk,, B. Braun, 3M steri strip Admesive Sutures Taper Point Rounded, Tapercut Needle, Conventional Cutting,Reverse Cutting,Prime Needle, Conventional cutting and Reverse Cutting.
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