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Fire Safety

At Medstore we supply a range of Fire Safety Equipment

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Fire Safety

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  1. Howler Alarm

    Howler Alarm
  2. Firefighter Combat Challenge - Adult Rescue Manikin - 145 lb./ca. 66 kg/182 cm

    This manikin allows training of the extrication of a person from a pole top situation, confined spaces, collapsed buildings, smoky rooms and also ladder carry-down protocols. A perfect aid in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers and especially suitable for Military, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Safety Teams and Emergency Personnel. The manikin
  3. Electric Shock Rescue Point

    This complete electric shock rescue point contains an Electric Shock Rescue Hook, First Aid Kit, a Burn Stop Burns Kit, a Sign and an Electric Shock Guidance Poster. The rescue hook is designed to manoeuver or rescue someone who has been electrocuted and is suitable for installations of up to 45kV. The sign provides guidance to the user on safely using the rescue hook. The first aid kit and burns kit provides essential first aid supplies needed to treat someone who has received an electric shock. The guidance poster provides clear, step by step instructions on providing first aid treatment to someone who has received an electric shock. The glove dispenser is a clearly labelled case that is supplied empty allowing you to store your correctly

  4. Stretcher Orthopaedic Two Piece

    Stretcher Orthopaedic - Two Piece provides a protective and safe transport of patients with severe injuries, especially where fractures in the spinal area are suspected as no rolling or lifting of the patient is required. Stretcher Orthopaedic - Two Piece splits into two halves and slides under the casualty without moving him/her. Once in place the patient will be immobilised for transport by the patient restraint belts
  5. Large Foil Blankets x 6 Units Large Foil Blankets x 6 Units

    Large Foil Blankets x 6 Units

    Foil Blankets are a vital part of any first aid kit, as they can help not only to protect but even save lives when people are potentially hypothermic. These first aid foil blankets help to reflect over 90% of all radiated body heat and are ideal in survival, emergency and first aid situations, or just for people suffering from shock

    Regular Price: €39.00

    Special Price €29.00

  6. Mat Vacuum mattress to include Mattress Aluminum Pump

    PVC, X-ray translucent mattress with 6 transport handles, perfectly fit the patient body. Sturdy material and careful execution make it suitable for Civil Protection, Fire Brigades, Industry and First-aid on the mountains. Pump not included.
  7. Stackable Stretcher

    Used in small rooms where it is necessary to store a large number of stretchers
  8. Skid Evacuation Chair

    Ok a new ultra compact evacuation chair with innovative aluminium frame and tubular trellis swing fork. New concept materials and components make the chair lightweight and easy to manoeuvre to offer top performance in any scenario. Reclining with rubber finish improve comfort
  9. Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer BackPad

    Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer BackPad, Carry Bag & 10 Plugs The Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer is worn by students in CPR class to learn the Abdominal Thrust Manoeuvre (Heimlich). When performed correctly, a foam plug shoots into the air, making instruction realistic and leaving students confident.
    The Act+Fast Red Trainer also includes a foam back slap pad to allow students to practice backslaps as recommended by the UK Resuscitation Council and practice choking rescue protocols as indicated by the American Red Cross and European Resuscitation Council.
  10. Scooping Stretcher

    stretcher length with automatic locking device Bag with 3 quick unhooking safety belts for patient immobilisation Once folded can be easily stored inside the ambulance Completely built in light and sturdy aluminium
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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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