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Stress management

Here at Medstore we supply a range of Stress reliving products, call our sales team today for your requirements


Stress management

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  1. Index Knobber II

    Index Knobber II
  2. Stress Management DVD

    Stress Management DVD
  3. Hot Massage Stones Complete with Heater

    Hot Stone Massage kit:- 5.7 litre, heating pot with adjustable temperature control. 1 x spoon, for removing hot stones from the heater. 64 x natural unpolished basalt rock stones, including 7 x chakra stones.
  4. Heart and Breath Sound Simulator

    This hand-held device simulates both heart and breath sounds and allows the determination of these by plugging in one of 7 different menus (
  5. Hand Held Pulse Oximeter Including Probe and Batteries

    High Resolution 2.8 TFT Screen Display Sp02 pulse rate Bar and Waveform Adjustable Audible and Visual Alarms
  6. Hand Held Pulse Oximeter

    Bright LED Display Sp02 Pulse Rate and Pulse Bar Adjustable Audible and Visual Alarms
  7. Wrist Pulse Oximeter Wrist Pulse Oximeter

    Wrist Pulse Oximeter

    Large LCD Display Spo2 and pulse rate reading small lightweight and portable design

    Regular Price: €299.00

    Special Price €199.00

  8. ETG Test

    Detects Alcohol up to 24 Hours after Consumption
  9. Consequences of An Inactive Lifestyle 3D Display

    graphically shows many of the negative health consequences
  10. Blood Prressure Training Arm Blood Prressure Training Arm

    Blood Prressure Training Arm

    The Blood Pressure Training System includes a full-size adult left arm that may also be attached to any Gaumard adult manikin. This is a versatile training tool developed to assist health professionals teach the processes and skills required to perform blood pressure auscultation procedures and techniques

    Regular Price: €1,600.00

    Special Price €1,399.00

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10 Item(s)