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Heart Models/Training

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Heart Models/Training

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  1. Heart with Bypass

    model, about life size. The heart opens to show the ventricle, atrium, valves and internal structures. On the outside is a vein bypass to the right coronary
  2. 4 Piece Artery Set

    shows a four stage cross-section of an artery demonstrating atherosclerosis in which the narrowing of the artery is due to a build up of fatty tissue (cholesterol) and plaque. The four stages are: normal artery, fatty streak, fibrous plaque and blockage.
  3. Heart And Lungs

    separating into 7 parts. The lungs have two removable lobes to show the internal structures, the heart bisects showing atria ventricles and valves, the larynx
  4. Welch Allyn Cardiology Stethoscope

    Welch Allyn Cardiology Stethoscope
  5. Deluxe Venous Access Device Model

    Deluxe Venous Access Device Model
  6. Cholesterol Flip Chart

    Cholesterol Flip Chart
  7. Silent Destruction: How High Cholesterol Destroys Arteries Display

    This baseball bat-size display hits viewers right between the eyes with a blunt message: What you can't see can kill you. Demonstrating how cholesterol particles attach themselves to artery walls like tiny parasites, viewers see how a clean normal artery can slowly turn into a plaque-encrusted mess eventually leading to heart disease and heart attack.  24 ½” x 3 ½”.
  8. Metabolic Syndrome Model

    Metabolic Syndrome Model
  9. Life or Death of a Heart Display

    Life or Death of a Heart Display
  10. Atherothrombosis-model with removable trhrombus

    Atherothrombosis-model with removable trhrombus
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Items 1 to 10 of 23 total

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