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Injection Models

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Injection Models

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  1. IV Injection Hand Dark Skined

    surface of this incredibly realistic hand includes injectable metacarpal, digital and thumb veins. The soft, flexible fingers are moulded separately with extreme attention to detail. Students have the opportunity to
  2. Geriatric IV Arm

    Geriatric IV Arm
  3. IM Injection Simulator

    Here is the perfect volunteer for training your beginning healthcare students to administer intramuscular injections. Always available for class demonstrations or practice by groups of any size, the Life/form® Intramuscular Injection Simulator offers both visual and tactile learning. A simulated bony structure is embedded in the torso and represents the superior end of the femur, or greater trochanter, the posterior superior and anterior superior iliac spines, and the sacrum. The bony structure provides palpable anatomical landmarks so students can identify

  4. Imsit Intramuscular and Injection Hip

    Intramuscular injection site in upperouter quadrant of gluteal region Intramuscular injection in ventrogluteal site below iliac crest Intramuscular injection in lateral thigh Subcutaneous injection site in lower abdominal wall above inguinal area moral artery/vein site Controlled arterial pulse Place femoral line Hand-painted anatomic artwork of the structures of the head and shaft of the femur

  5. Surgery and Laparoscopy Torso

    airtight drain plug Is light weight and has a carrying handle

  6. Lumbar Epidural Injection Trainer

    The Trainer is designed to help trainee anesthetists acquire the necessary tactile skills for epidural anesthesia prior to hands-on patient experience. If the epidural needle is inserted too deeply a slight resistance is felt before the needle penetrates the dura. Features found in the trainer include: Tactile and visual access to the lumbar spine, the epidural space and the dural sac Can be positioned

  7. Arterial Puncture Arm

    This easy to use training aid is ideal for practice in and demonstration of drawing arterial blood samples and for monitoring blood gases. Puncture locations can be identified through palpation of the pulse of radial and brachial artery. Realistic arterial pressure produces a lifelike backflow of blood in the syringe, confirming proper needle location in the artery. Delivered with 2 syringes and tubules, artificial arterial blood, 2 replacement arterial sections and carrying case.

  8. Injection Arm

    This right arm combines all features required for i.v., i.m. and subcutaneous injection and infusion training as well as blood collection exercises: I.v. injection in subtle venous network of arm and hand: cephalic, basilic,

  9. Buttockmate – I.M. Injection Simulator

    This easy to handle simulator of a human buttock can be fastened like a belt on the body of a student or a training doll. It allows practicing of intra-muscular injections and also the injection of fluid (water) is possible. If the injected part is incorrect, a buzzer, which works with a 9 volt battery and a red light, will give a warning sound
  10. Advanced Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid™ - Dermalike II™ Latex Free

    The Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid™ featuring four barely discernable blue veins in 3 different sizes - with the fourth vein deeply placed in a semi-transparent, tissue-like material. A “pop” is felt as the needle enters the vein, followed by a realistic “flashback” of simulated blood, confirming the proper needle placement. The model permits the injection of fluids and withdrawal of blood. This model is now made with two of VATA’s newly developed materials, Dermalike™ and Dermalike V™. Dermalike™ offers many unique and improved properties - 50% less needle drag when accessing the underlying veins, improved tear resistance to allow twice as many “sticks”, no “oily/sticky” surface, no baby powder needed and it is stain resistant. The blue veins are made of Dermalike V™, a material with properties more similar to real veins, as you do not use excessive force to access the veins compared to the latex tubing still being used by other manufacturers.
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