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  1. Flat coil in a plexiglas frame

    coil in a plexiglas frame, mounted so that it can be rotated, for use in combination with 300 mm Helmholtz coils. When the flat coil is rotated in the magnetic field of the Helmholtz coils, an alternating voltage is induced. The electrical connection to the coil is established via sliding contacts. A hand crank and pulley on the rotary frame's axle
  2. Globe of the world with bar magnet

    bar magnet along the axis of the poles on acrylic base, for demonstrating the shape of the Earth’s magnetic field. A compass (U19561) or a magnetic field indicator (U8491900) can be seen to align at the surface of the globe in accordance with a magnetic field parallel to the lines of longitude. The inclination can also be determined
  3. Stereo Microscope, 40x, Transmitted-Light Illumination LED (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

    Stereo microscopes model 40x are robust microscopes that are distinguished by their ease of operation and excellent mechanical and optical quality. They can be used in numerous applications within the fields of biology and geology. Simply by rotating the objective from the 2x setting to 4x, the overall magnification can be set to 20x or 40x. With the aid of accessories, a magnification of up to 80x can be achieved. There is a choice of two illumination sources: plain reflected illumination plus reflected and transmitted light and a mixture of the two. It is also possible to choose between conventional illumination with a light bulb and low-temperature LED illumination. The low-temperature illumination allows samples to be viewed for longer without heat affecting the prepared specimen. It also has the advantage of being brighter, as well as being longer lasting and eliminating the need to change bulbs
  4. Mechanical micropipette with variable volumes

    Mechanical micropipette with variable volumes Easy one-handed volume adjustment, continuous adjustment, using the easy-to-turn central adjustment wheel Volume adjustment protection: a robust push protection for the central adjustment wheel prevents you adjusting the volume unintentionally Ergonomically optimised finger clamp: the pipette can be used by left-handed as well as right-handed users, without the hand holding the pipette obscuring the display Fatigue-free operation thanks to the anti-slip surface of the handle as well as the pipette being particularly lightweight The optimised combination of the materials used and the design reduce to a minimum any transfer of warmth from the hand to the pipette and thereby

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4 Item(s)