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Technical Teaching Equipment

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Technical Teaching Equipment

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  1. Primapore Ex Large

    highly absorbent and low adherent wound pad maintains a good healing environment and ensures minimal pain when the dressing is removed. Primapore provides a secure dressing fixation and the soft material makes the dressing comfortable even on more difficult areas
  2. Turtle Skin SevereGear/Medium

    Lightweight and flexible with advanced puncture protection in the palm 100% TurtleSkin PalmMaster liner on the palm and fingers for excellent puncture protection 100% Aramid knit for whole-hand cut protection 3-inch elasticated cuff to protect wrist
  3. The practical Microscope product for laboratories, training centres, quality control and agriculture

    The practical Microscope product for laboratories, training centres, quality control and agriculture

  4. Microlitre Pipette, 100 – 1000 µl

    Using this microlitre pipette, your pupils can work with precision. The pipettes have a volume display that can be set easily and accurately, they also have an inbuilt pipette tip ejector system. What is more, they fit well in the hand, and offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

  5. Water Tester

    This digital water tester measures the physico-chemical concentrations of hydrogen ions (pH), dissolved salts (electrical conductivity / EC) and dissolved ions (evaporation residue, TDS) in a measuring solution. An integrated temperature sensor also serves to measure the temperature in °C or °F and automatically compensates the values. The electrodes supplied can be simply switched if necessary. A compact and robust case made from sturdy plastic protects the device from splashes. The device has a battery charge indicator and an automatic off function that activates if no measurements are taken for 8 minutes. pH: 0 - 14 ± 0.01 EC: 0 - 3.999 µS ± 2% TDS: 0 - 2.000 mg/l ± 2% Temperature: 0 - 60 °C ± 0.5 °C Protection class: IP 64 Power supply: 4x 1.5 V for approx. 100 hours of operation Dimensions: approx. 16.3x4x2.6 cm3 Weight: approx. 0.1 kg

  6. Ecological Test for Water Lab

    A really compact box – laboratory for a fast analysis of waters (e.g. drinking, water, surface water, water of aquaria). All the applied chemicals are neutral in reaction to the environment, which means, all the test solutions do not endanger water (classification for the endangering water = 0). The used test solutions can be disposed via the home waste water net. Sufficient for 50 to 60 tests: Ammonium 0,05-10 mg/l Nitrate 10-80 mg/l Nitrite 0,02-1,0 mg/l Phosphat 0,5-6,0 mg/l ph-Value 5,0 – 9,0 1 Drop = 1° German hardness (dh). Description in English and German.

  7. Minor Surgey light

    Pentaled 12 is a perfect combination of technological developments, innovative, ergonomic and compact design, ultra-light and handy structure. Five versions available (trolley, ceiling, ceiling double, trolley with battery group and wall) and technical performances make Pentaled 12 suitable in any situation for precision operations, diagnostic use, preoperating theatres and test laboratories. Battery groupavailable on request also for wall and ceiling group.
  8. Mechanical micropipette with variable volumes

    Mechanical micropipette with variable volumes Easy one-handed volume adjustment, continuous adjustment, using the easy-to-turn central adjustment wheel Volume adjustment protection: a robust push protection for the central adjustment wheel prevents you adjusting the volume unintentionally Ergonomically optimised finger clamp: the pipette can be used by left-handed as well as right-handed users, without the hand holding the pipette obscuring the display Fatigue-free operation thanks to the anti-slip surface of the handle as well as the pipette being particularly lightweight The optimised combination of the materials used and the design reduce to a minimum any transfer of warmth from the hand to the pipette and thereby

  9. Digital Monocular Microscope with Built-in Camera

    Digital microscopes 1013152 are characterised by their robust design, their fine optical and mechanical properties and their ease of operation. The built-in 1.3-megapixel camera allows specimens to be viewed through the ocular and on a computer screen at the same time and provides well-focused images with authentic colour. Professional “ScopeImage” software allows both static images and videos to be recorded as well as featuring image editing plus measurement and evaluation capabilities.
  10. mystery of the Blood Stain

    Based on a stain of blood found at a fictitious crime scene, a murder has to be resolved. The first thing to do is to check whether the stain is really a blood stain. Next, the blood group and Rhesus factor have to be identified and then
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