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Neurology Products

Here at Medstore we supply a variety of products for the Neurology Department, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please call our sales team today @ 01-8038688 today

Neurology Products

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  1. Neuropen

    Interchangeable 10g (white) or 15g (red) monofilament exerts a specific repeatable force in the test site.white) or 15g (red) monofilament exerts a specific repeatable force in the test site.
  2. Neuron model with stages of multiple sclerosis

    Neuron model with stages of multiple sclerosis
  3. Nervous System Model Activity Set

    Nervous System Model Activity Set
  4. ORTHObones Standard Lumbar Spine with Sacrum

    Anatomically accurate Realistic haptics Simple handling Two-component structure Excellent results Fantastic value for money The new ORTHObones STANDARD have a hard cortical bone and softer, spongy
  5. Motor End Plate

    The motor end plate model depicts the neuromuscular junction with striated muscle fiber. The motor end plate of the human nervous system is depicted in colorful anatomical detail. The motor end plate model is a great addition to any lesson on the human nervous system

  6. MICROanatomy™ Muscle Fiber - 10,000 times magnified

    MICROanatomy™ Muscle Fiber - 10,000 times magnified
  7. Physiology of Nerves" Series-5 models,metal board

    The Physiology of Nerves series displays the basic structures of the human nervous system. Each of the five sections of the nerve model shows a plastic colored relief model of the main synapse variations. All sections of the nerve physiology series can magnetically attach to the illustrated base which depicts the neural components in vivid colors. Each nerve section is also available separately. The nerve physiology set contains the following sections. : 1. Neuron Cell Body Typical neuron body with cell organelles, for example mitochondria and many other characteristics of human cell, are visible through a removable transparent cover. The edge of the cell body also shows the synapses of connected neurons. 2. Myelin Sheaths of the CNS This model shows the glial cells which build the insulating layer around the axons of the central nervous system. 3. Schwann Cells of the PNS Depicts a Schwann cell with sectioned core. 4. Motor End Plate Neuromuscular junction with striated muscle fibre is depicted. 5. Synapse Featuring the endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria and the membranes of the synaptic gap. The nerve physiology nerve series also depicts 5 smaller relief models of the main synapse variations. The nerve set is a great tool for teaching the anatomy and physiology of the human nervous system.

  8. Osteoporosis Model

    Impressive didactic model for comparing osteoporotic and normal thoracic vertebrae. Ideal for medical studies and patient consultation. The 11th and 12th thoracic vertebrae are shown. Reproductions of sequential osteoporotic thoracic vertebrae with narrower intervertebral disc are located on the left of the stand. The upper vertebra is divided in the middle. The magnetically attached vertebral half can be removed easily to show the cut surfaces. This allows clear visualization of the fractured upper part of the vertebral body caused by sintering, i.e. collapse of the bony substance in the course and as a result of osteoporosis. Degenerative changes in the bone, manifested as osteophytes, are also identifiable. For comparison, reproductions

  9. Set of 24 BONElike™ Vertebrae Models

    This set is a worldwide unique original anatomical replica of a human vertebrae with the most precise illustration of even the finest anatomic structures of the vertebrae, exhibiting excellent quality. The vertebrae set includes the 7 cervical, 12 thoracic and 5 lumbar vertebrae. The spinal vertebrae set of models includes the following features: Made of 3B BONElike™ material, feels and looks like real bones. Realistic weight These vertebrae are excellent to use as a substitute for real bones for medical teaching purposes and patient consultation Each vertebra is labeled for identification purposes (C1-7, T1-12 and L1-5) The anatomical replica is supplied in a transport and storage case with individual

  10. BONElike™ Vertebral Column Model

    This anatomical replica of the human spine is a flexible, mounted, true-to-life model of the human vertebral column in excellent BONElike™ quality. The spine is an original reproduction of all anatomical details, based on real weight. The spinal column model consists of the male pelvis and occipital bone. Occipital bone and atlas can be detached individually from the spine. This
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Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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