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PA5 is a paediatric portable audiometer with air conduction, free-field and visual stimulation capabilities. By means of a headphone it can be also used as a regular screening audiometer for adults. PA5 unique features are primarily meant to help doctors in evaluating the auditory behaviour in neonates and infants till 24 months of age by means of specific tests: Auropalpebral Reflex (APR) test APR test is a startle reflex of the eyelid elicited by relatively strong sounds that can be performed on neonates from the day of birth. It is not based on co-operation with the newborn child. Conditioned Orientation Response (COR) test COR test is based on the phenomenon called “Orientation Reflex” which is a natural reflex movement elicited by sound or visual stimulation. If the visual stimulation elicits a reflex which is conditioned by a tone, the child will look towards the visual stimulation as soon as the tone is heard. If the conditioning is effective the child will look in the direction of the sound source even before the visual stimulation is presented. Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) test VRA test is an extension and modification of COR, where the cooperation with the child is less important. Not only the sound localisation orientation reflex are accepted, but also four other reactions: reflex reactions (body and face), search reactions, orientation reactions and spontaneous reactions. Reflex audiometry and maturation of auditory response tests Different stimuli are presented in terms of intensity, frequency, duration, direction of sound in order to elicit proper reactions like waking-up, crying, astonishment, direct sound localization. Supplied with GB manual and quick guide (GB, US, DE, FR, SE, IT, PT, DK, FI, ES, GR,

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