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Pulse Oximeters

Clinical Environments and Applications of Pulse Oximetry

In OR/General Anesthesia
Monitoring Care During Conscious Sedation
Intensive Care Units
Intensive Care
Newborn Nursery
Delivery Suites
Internal (within the Hospital)
Ambulance/Air Transport
Diagnostic Lab
Exercise Lab
Sleep Lab
Subacute Care Centers
Home Care Patients
Other Patient Conditions
Blood Flow Assessment
Cardiopulmonary Arrest
In Conjunction with Other Modalities
Dual Oximetry (SpO2 and SvO2)

Pulse Oximeters

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  1. Its New, the Comfort Thermometer

    Comfort thermometer with max/min temperature & humidity function can save money on them heating bills
  2. Finger Tip Pulse oximeter Finger Tip Pulse oximeter

    Finger Tip Pulse oximeter

    Bright LED's Display Sp02 Pulse rate and Pulse bar

    Regular Price: €115.00

    Special Price €75.00

  3. Wireless Pulse Oximeter

    The Pulse Oximeter is a reliable way to spot-check saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (bpm). This lightweight and portable device takes fast, non invasive measurements at the fingertip. Measures your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate from your mobile device Records SpO2 and pulse rate Easy-to-read LED screen displays SpO2, pulse rate and pulse Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth
  4. New OXY3 Finger Pulse Oximeter Colour Display/Waveform New OXY3 Finger Pulse Oximeter Colour Display/Waveform

    New OXY3 Finger Pulse Oximeter Colour Display/Waveform

    Its new and with a Simple operation, small & lightweight design, portable Low power consumption display SpO2, SpO2 waveform, PR, 2 AAA alkaline batteries included Low battery indication, auto power off Accommodates widest range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult Soft silicone padding, strong slip Resistant clip, non-invasive, no pricking

    Regular Price: €169.00

    Special Price €89.00

  5. Paediatric Finger-Tip Pulse Oximeter Paediatric Finger-Tip Pulse Oximeter

    Paediatric Finger-Tip Pulse Oximeter

    The Smallest pulse oximeter in the World making it ideal for Paediatrics Dual colour OLED display

    Regular Price: €149.00

    Special Price €109.00

  6. A Drop Resistant Fingle Pullse Oximeter

    Finger Pulse Oximeter, Drop proof, protection conver, supplied free is a Carry Case for the Unit mall & lightweight design Dual color OLED display; 6 display modes Display SpO2, PR, Pulse bar and Plethysmogram
  7. Unique Soft Silicon Housing Pulse Oximeter Unique Soft Silicon Housing Pulse Oximeter

    Unique Soft Silicon Housing Pulse Oximeter

    Unique Soft Silicon Housing for superior comfort also a rugged and robust design Dual colour OLED Display,Sp02 Pulse Rate and Pulse Bar 6 Display Modes with adjustable Modes Adjustable Brightness

    Regular Price: €250.00

    Special Price €150.00

  8. V406 paediatric fingertip pulse oximeter

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  9. Paediatric Pulse Oximeter

    Designed specifically for paediatric use, the V406 is small, lightweight with an audible alarm for extra reassurance. The V406 is available in pink or blue and comes
  10. K1 Hand Held Pulse Oximeter

    Handheld Pulse Oximeter, accurately and quickly measure SpO2, Pulse Rate, and Pulse bar. Applies when the casualty transport, first aid and bedside care. Widely used in hospitals, clinics and medical health care center and field campaign army. Accurate Measurement Professional Guarantee 1. High brightness LEDs display SpO2, PR and pulse bar; 2. 99 ID setup; 72-hour data storage
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Items 1 to 10 of 38 total

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