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 Omron Mobile Nebuliser   Omron Mobile Nebuliser 

The OMRON MicroAIR is a truly portable, pocketsize

 199.00  Buy Now 
 Corsia Professional Nebuliser   Corsia Professional Nebuliser 

 A piston-type compressor nebulizer designed for continuous use,

 199.00  Buy Now 
 Pocket Ultrasonic Nebuliser   Pocket Ultrasonic Nebuliser 

Small, handy, light weight, portable nebulizer, that can

 169.00  Buy Now 
 Professional Ultrasonic nebuliser   Professional Ultrasonic nebuliser 

Desktop professional ultrasonic nebulizer.
Supplied with flexible nose,

 199.00  Buy Now 
 Atomizer 2 Speed Piston Nebuliser   Atomizer 2 Speed Piston Nebuliser  Piston-type compressor with 2 speeds for family use.  99.50  Buy Now 
 Elo Nebuliser   Elo Nebuliser 

Operating voltage: 220-230V / 50-60Hz
 Operating pressure: 1.1

 32.50  Buy Now 
 Pingoo Ultrasonic nebuliser   Pingoo Ultrasonic nebuliser  Thanks to innovative electronic technology these easy-to-use ultrasonic  175.00  Buy Now 
 Humi-Round Ultrasonic Huminifier   Humi-Round Ultrasonic Huminifier 

Humi-Round Ultrasonic Huminifier

Ultrasonic humidifier used in homecare to increase

 149.00  Buy Now 
 Vitalograph In2itive Lite Handheld Spirometer with Report Softwa   Vitalograph In2itive Lite Handheld Spirometer with Report Softwa 

The Vitalograph In2itive Lite Handheld Spirometer couples full

 1,350.00  Buy Now 
 Battery for Clement Clarke Medix World Traveller   Battery for Clement Clarke Medix World Traveller  Battery Pack for Clement Clarke Medix World Traveler  99.90  Buy Now 
 Airmed Nebuliser   Airmed Nebuliser  A low cost option for a powerful compact  139.00  Buy Now 
 Travel Air nebuliser   Travel Air nebuliser  A portable compact compressor, designed to efficiently deliver  243.90  Buy Now 
 The Medix AC2000   The Medix AC2000 

Product Features and Benefits

Ideal for home

 189.00  Buy Now 
 Asma-1 FEV1/PEF   Asma-1 FEV1/PEF 

Experts agree, the best way to manage asthma

 89.00  Buy Now 
 Comp-Air Omron Nebuliser   Comp-Air Omron Nebuliser 

The NE-C900-E is a high-performance compressor unit with

 189.00  Buy Now 
 The Porta-neb Sidestream nebuliser compressor:   The Porta-neb Sidestream nebuliser compressor: 

The aerosol passes through the mouthpiece of facemask to

 199.00  Buy Now 
 COPD Screeners   COPD Screeners  Fast screening (case selection) of at-risk groups Assess  89.00  Buy Now 
 Micro Elite portable Nebuliser   Micro Elite portable Nebuliser 

Micro Elite Portable Nebuliser. MicroElite is the smallest

 185.00  Buy Now 
 Child frieldly Nebuliser   Child frieldly Nebuliser 

The new basic compressor unit with a new

 109.00  Buy Now 
 Lung Age Monitor   Lung Age Monitor  The Vitalograph lung age is a motivational tool for  139.00  Buy Now 
 Lung Monitor with USB   Lung Monitor with USB  The Vitalograph lung monitor usb is designed for  189.00  Buy Now 
 Medix Actineb Nebuliser   Medix Actineb Nebuliser 

The attractive and durable Medix Actineb Nebuliser is

 159.00  Buy Now 
 Elite Portable Compressor Nebuliser   Elite Portable Compressor Nebuliser  Omron CompAir Elite Portable Compressor Nebulizer NE-C30  165.00  Buy Now 
 Resus Bag Single Use   Resus Bag Single Use 

Vitalogrph Non-Autoclavable Resus Bags are available in Sizes:

Adult Child and

 45.00  Buy Now 
 Resus Bag Single Use Child   Resus Bag Single Use Child  Resus bag for Single use available in Adult Child  45.00  Buy Now 
 Resus Bag Single Use Paediatric   Resus Bag Single Use Paediatric 

Resus bag for single usage

Available in

 45.00  Buy Now 
 The Turboneb   The Turboneb 

The Turboneb is our most powerful nebuliser with

 268.00  Buy Now 
 Omron UltraAir Ultrasonic Nebuliser   Omron UltraAir Ultrasonic Nebuliser 

Being one of the most recent and advanced

 890.00  Buy Now 
 Lung Age Device   Lung Age Device 

A motivational tool for smoking intervention

 99.90  Buy Now 
 Lung Monitor   Lung Monitor  The Vitalograph Lung Monitor is designed for simple, accurate  165.00  Buy Now 
 Smoke Check Monitor   Smoke Check Monitor  Low cost CO monitor for screening cigarette consumption.  295.00  Buy Now 
 New Alpha   New Alpha  Dedicated all-in-one desktop unit. Simple to use. Rapid  1,850.00  Buy Now 
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B Class 12Litre Autoclave
B Class 12Litre Autoclave
Upper Stump Bandaging Simulator
Upper Stump Bandaging Simulator
Powerheart G5 AED Rescue Backpack
Powerheart G5 AED Rescue Backpack
Pienza with two front pockets
Pienza with two front pockets
HEAD LOUPE two magnifying systems (2.2X and 3.3X)
HEAD LOUPE two magnifying systems (2.2X and 3.3X)
Leonardo Doctors Case
Leonardo Doctors Case
Mini Speed Battery Suction Aspirator
Mini Speed Battery Suction Aspirator
Exactophone Sphygmo pull on strap cuff
Exactophone Sphygmo pull on strap cuff
Stainless Steel Trolley "Kit Form"
Stainless Steel Trolley "Kit Form"
Simulated Fat
Simulated Fat
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