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Here at Medstore We supply, Pocket Balances, Precision Balances ,Analytical balances

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  1. TAB High-precision pocket carat balance

    Can be switched over from g to ct, gn at the touch of a key Hard case cover as protection against pressure and dust Adjusting weight and weighing
  2. Designer Pocket Balance

    Cover made of shock proof plastic as protection against pressure and dust. Can also be used as a tare cup Note: Can be printed with your
  3. Pocket Format Weighing

    Simple and convenient 2-key operation Small and handy Transport box and weighing pan included Revolving weighing plate
  4. Pocket Precison scales /Calculator /Hard Case

    batteries 2 x 1.5 V AAA standard Dimensions weighing surface WxD 70x80 mm Dimensions housing
  5. Small Pocket Balance

    Hard case cover as protection against pressure and dust Integrated calculator Adjusting weight standard
  6. Teb Small precison pocket scale hard case protection

    battery 2 x 1.5 V AAA standard, operating time up to 70 h Dimensions weighing surface WxD 70x80 mm Dimensions housing WxDxH
  7. Lever

    Complete set of equipment for demonstrating laws of leverage and for experiments on equilibrium. Consists of a retort stand to which is attached a lever mounted on ball bearings with three rows of holes for adjusting the axis of rotation or for suspending weights, red and white block scale with pointer for accurate display of equilibrium state. Can also be used to model balance scales. Includes set of weights 10 x 50 g. Specifications: Length of lever: 1 m Mass of lever: 0.458 kg Number of holes: 21 Separation of holes: 50 mm

  8. Wireless Ultrasonic Measuring Station For Height And Weight With Voice Guidance

    User friendly for convenient use Informal poster explains step-by-step process Correct stance and posture illustration
  9. Medical Body Composition Analyzer

    The new compact class for mobile body composition analysis. Expertly developed for mobile application. The entire development had one goal: to make mobile bioimpedance measurement as efficient as possible through low weight, the most precise measurement technology and easy handling. The seca mBCA 525 is one of a kind in terms of function and performance. The unique measuring mat measures all of the required parameters such as fat mass, muscle mass and body water in a fully self-sufficient way. The short cables simplify working. The mat is also automatically linked to the touchscreen monitor by Wi-Fi, which can also be deactivated if required. The large memory of the monitor has sufficient capacity for over 100,000 measurements

  10. Advanced Spectrometer Goniometer

    For the precise determination angular position, particularly of optical spectra. Can also be used as a spectroscope for the observation and measurement of emission and absorption spectra. When used with a prism, students can observe visible light as it is dispersed by wavelength. When used with a diffraction grating and a gas discharge tube, students can observe the emission spectrum of various gases. The wavelengths of each electron transition in the spectrum can be calculated according to the angle of deflection of the light traveling through the grating. The Advanced Spectrometer-Goniometer illustrates the concepts behind discovering the properties of astronomical objects such as chemical composition or velocity. Features: Collimator

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Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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