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Smoking Cessation

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Smoking Cessation

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  1. Simulated Smoker’s Lungs Demonstration Kit

    inflatable swine lungs have been stained realistically and then specially preserved by the BioFlex odorless, nontoxic process that retains the texture and elasticity of fresh lungs. The lungs dramatically and unforgettably demonstrate the effects of prolonged smoking. A palpable simulated internal tumor and a physical simulated external tumor encourage students to feel the texture of the lungs, and to remember that smoking is a known cause of lung cancer. Includes a teacher’s guide
  2. Smoker Model

    This small hand-held model actually smokes a cigarette and collects its tars and nicotine on a photo of a real chest X-
  3. 20 Part Torso

    The model separates into head, eye with optic nerve, female breast cover, 2 half lungs, heart (2 parts), stomach, liver, part of intestines (2 parts
  4. Inflatable Lung Kit

    This demonstration kit is suitable for elementary, secondary, and college classes in health, biology, anatomy, and physical education to demonstrate the touch and feel of a lung that is very similar to a human lung. The swine lungs included in the kit have been specially preserved by the BioFlex process. Students can see and learn how lungs, that are very comparable with their own, work by inflating and deflating them with a pump. A section of dried lung is included with each kit to show
  5. Finger Pulse Oximeter drop resistant

    finger pulse oximeter
  6. Smokey Sue

    tar collects around her "foetus", graphically illustrating the dangers of smoking during pregnancy. Both the jar and foetus are easily cleaned

  7. Vitalograpg copd-6

    Vitalograpg copd-6COPD-6 Measures and displays FEV1 and % of predicted Measures and displays FEV6 and % of predicted Measures and displays FEV1/FEV6 ratio
  8. Smokerlyser

    Smokerlyser, aids smoke cessations

  10. CO Check Pro Baby

    The CO Check Pro Baby has been designed to enable all healthcare professionals to carry out quick and simple breath tests on pregnant women that smoke and need help in quitting. A single breath from the pregnant women will not only display her Carbon Monoxide levels from smoking but it will also display the amount of Carbon Monoxide she has passed on to her unborn baby.

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