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Tattoo Supplies

At Medstore we supply a range of products for the Tatoo Studio

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Tattoo Supplies

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  1. Wall Bracket for Spirigel

    spirigel500ml bottle
  2. Universal Glove Holder Universal Glove Holder

    Universal Glove Holder

    Universal holder for gloves and tissue boxes, with little sharp teeth automatically

    Regular Price: €22.50

    Special Price €16.90

  3. Spirigel

    handgel spirige
  4. Primapore

    ideal for use on large cuts and grazes. The highly absorbent and low adherent wound pad maintains a good healing environment
  5. Laytex Gloves

    laytex gloves suppliers
  6. Laytex Gloves

    laytex gloves suppliers,tatoosuppliers
  7. Laytex Gloves

  8. Mepore Ultra Dressing

    Ultra is showerproof and can be used in a wide variety of wounds which have low to moderate excudate levels. These include surgical wounds, minor burns
  9. Triple Wall Glove Box Holder

    glove dispenser.glove dispensers,triple glove dispensers,glove didpensers,dispensers for gloves,glove dispensers,medstore.ie,
  10. C-Fold Hand Towels

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