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3D Colonoscopy Simulator



Product information “3D Colonoscopy Simulator”
Three-dimensional representation based on analytical studies of CT colonoscopy (CTC) data. The spatial structure of the colon provides hands-on training in a group of skills such as looping prevention, looping reduction including looping at the left flexure, and deliberately looping insertion techniques.

A transparent frame enables direct monitoring of the position of the endoscope tip and the shape of the large intestine.
Consistent Rectal Anatomy: The simulator is designed to enhance colonoscopy skills using the three Houston valves as landmarks, each time appearing in the same place.
The sigma can be preset to include any of the three most common morphologies that cannot be captured by CTC analysis. The patterns can be changed quickly by attaching and moving the colon.
The simulator is completely waterproof and can be easily cleaned with water.
Light and compact, handling and transport.

Trainable skills:
Introducing the colonoscope in three basic patterns:
Short alpha loop (pull-back technique)
Long alpha loop (push-forward technique)
N loop (pull-back / push-forward technology)
Insertion of the colonoscope in three patient positions:
Left lateral
Right lateral
supine position
Manual abdominal compression

Size: 43x28x16cm, weight 6kg

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