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Automatic Pill Dispenser with Solid Lid



Specially designed to assist Alzheimer’s & dementia patients, the elderly & the visually or mentally impaired, the TabTime Medelert Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarm and lock is a best-selling device that ensures access to the correct dose, at the correct time.

The combination of both an audio and visual alarm ensures users access their correct dosage of medication, at the appropriate time, whilst also keeping other pills inaccessible.

The features of this electronic pill dispenser make it very popular for people with cognitive loss, however, it’s also enjoyed success as an Automatic Pill Dispenser for elderly individuals whose memory may not be as strong as it once was.

Fully automatic, lockable, timed release of medication – dispenses at the exact time the dose is required
Up to 6 daily audio & visual alarms (flashing LED on the lid)
Automatic DST time change for Summer & Winter times or when travelling
Easy to use & remembers your settings every day – long duration buzzer (30 mins) sounds continuously until pills are dispensed – alarm is cancelled by tipping the product to dispense the pills
28 tablet compartments each can hold up to 18 aspirin size pills or 5 X Calcichew- 20% larger than similar dispensers
Solid lid with secure metal lock – Spare medication tray & keys available
3 alarm tones with excellent level of volume –
Battery operated – batteries included – low battery alert

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