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New Chest Drain Model


Our chest drain trainer is a unique design, combining simulated tactile soft tissue within a practical and durable plastic casing. The practice and training of clinical and surgical techniques can be realistically achieved. The identification of anatomical landmarks, such as the sternal notch and intercostal (rib) spaces. The students can make surgical incisions through the simulated soft tissue. Blunt dissection can be practiced with forceps. Complete finger rotation is possible. Practice realistic Pneumothorax between ribs 2 and 3 (where the release of air can be clearly heard and felt). Pericardiocentisis, where fluid can be aspirated into a syringe. This is to demonstrate removal of blood from the pericardium. Ease of use: The simulator is accessible and easy to handle. The outer casing opens via two metal clips making the replacement of component parts relatively easy. The casing stands on a series of sucker feet giving a firm and steady base on which to work.

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