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Clinical Prostate/Rectal Examination



Product information “Clinical Prostate/Rectal Examination”
This unique trainer has a realistic feel to practice a clinical examination and diagnostic technique. The trainer has a realistic anus and rectum mounted within the buttock shape and presents in the left lateral position. Both the rectum and the five interchangeable prostates are replaceable. When in use the prostate is hidden and cannot be seen by the trainee. To make the change over from one prostate to another could not be simpler, lift the lid, unplug and replace.
– Allows for procedural skills training for rectal examination.
– There are 5 interchangeable prostates:
– asymptomatic
– bilateral benign
– unilateral benign
– bilateral carcinoma
– unilateral carcinoma
– rectal polyp
– Use of a proctoscope
– Digital rectal examination
– PR examination technique and diagnosis
– All parts are latex free and washable

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