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Dermlite Foto ll Pro Plus



The all-new DermLite FOTO II Pro Plus dermoscopy lens has been designed for those who wish to capture the highest-quality dermoscopic images using any 2/3 frame or full-frame Canon or Nikon DSLR. Featuring polarised and non-polarised illumination, a 6-element lens design for superior resolution, zoom and camera-controlled automatic polarisation change, the FOTO II Pro Plus is the go-to device for situations where only the best dermoscopic image quality will suffice.

Just like other SLR lenses, FOTO II Pro Plus attaches to your camera via Canon’s EF/EF-S standard bayonet or Nikon’s F-Mount connection, with an adapter for each camera brand included. This lens allows for a field of view that can range from as small as 9mmØ for typical lesions to 20mmØ (image frame height) for larger sites.
This package includes the Foto II Pro system and a Nikon D500 SLR Camera.

Key Features:
Can connect via Canon’s EF/EF-S bayonet or Nikon’s F-Mount connection
Toggle between polarised and non-polarised
Supplied with a charger, flash cable, Nikon f-mount, Canon adapter rings and a protective cap
2 year warranty
Nikon D500 SLR Camera included

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