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Its Arrived: Non Magnetic Stretcher /MRI Environments


The frame is entirely made of PVC, added with titanium dioxide. This, in addition to improving its aesthetic appearance (glossy white, resistant to UV rays, does not yellow over time), increases mechanical resistance and has specific antibacterial properties.

Its parts are coupled by a chemical welding process, whereby the structure behaves like a single piece, solid, rigid and resistant.

BRM 002 is not subject to rust, scratches and dents.


The patient rests on a support with adjustable and breathable rigidity, made of hypoallergenic polyester mesh (class I according to the 100 OEKO-TEX standard) and fire-fighting (non-ignition according to EN 1021-1 and 1021-2 standards). The support is easily removed for optimal sanitization.


The folding side rails can be hooked and unhooked with a comfortable movement that the operator performs while remaining in a central position, optimal to


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