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The New Nurses Bag Large Size



Rusticana Light for Nurses.
The lightweight one with lots of space and customisable sorting aids. A robust bag made of washable nylon fabric for daily use in nursing.

Made of durable, washable nylon
Especially low weight
Large opening with edge reinforcement for more stability when open
Front pocket with zip fastener
Optional: with shoulder strap
Smooth hinge technology for easy handling
Double lock system made of synthetic ABS material
Ergonomically shaped double handles
Product details.
Interior features: 1 large inner pocket, removable floor insert with variable compartment divisions thanks to strong synthetic insertable divider system
Size: L 38 x W 21 x H 27 cm
Material: Nylon with synthetic leather trimming
Colours: Black
Price and
Nylon with synthetic leather trimming
1,300 g

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