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Ultrasound Compatible Lumbar Puncture / Epidural Simulator



Product information “Ultrasound Compatible Lumbar Puncture / Epidural Simulator”
Ultrasound compatible puncture block is anatomically correct and offers realistic image of ultrasound. It includes lumbar vertebrae, spinous process, superior articular process, transverse process, epidural space and spinal dura mater.

Training opportunities:

– Ultrasound-guided lumbar puncture
– Ultrasound-guided epidural anaesthesia
– CSF collection and CSF pressure measurement


– Ultrasonic landmarks of lumbar spine can be visualized.
– Replacement parts are durable for multiple procedures.
– This simulator can be positioned in the upright or lateral position.
– Transparent block makes the needle trace visible.
– The lumbar region model provides a platform for wide training opportunities, by adding interchangeable training blocks for landmark and uoroscopic procedures

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