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Scientific papers For the Logmar test System

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2940 (98%) achieved binocular linear, and 2807 (94%) achieved monocular linear (for both eyes) measures. Binocular linear measures were achieved in 50% aged less than 3 years, 80% aged 3 to 3(1/2), 92% aged 3(1/2) to 4, and 99% aged 4 years and over. Binocular linear measures were achieved in 86% of 2- to 3-year-olds and 96% of 3- to 3(1/2)-year-olds who matched or named letters; monocular linear measures were achieved in 86 and 95%, respectively, of these age groups who then accepted occlusion. The median time for completion of the test (binocular and monocular) was 3 minutes 55 seconds. The 95% limits of agreement for the same observer and for different observers were +/-0.13 and -0.19, +0.

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