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Nita Newborn simulator for venous vessel access


Product information “Nita Newborn – Simulator for Venous Vessel Access”
This model of a newborn female (1.8 kg/40.6 cm) is perfectly suited for studying and practicing both venous access and injections and drawing blood samples. Correct puncturing will produce a backflow of artificial blood.
This model allows access to the following veins:
– Basilic vein and axillary vein (arms)
– Saphenous vein (leg)
– Popliteal vein (leg)
– External jugular vein (neck)
– Temporal vein (head)
– Umbilical vein (navel)
Each of the following methods can be practiced:
– Normal puncture of a vein
– Central venous catheterization
– Umbilical (naval) catheterization
– Positioning a butterfly cannula
– Bandaging
– Fixing catheters
– Insertion and care of endotracheal and endonasal catheters and feeding tubes
Supplied with 1.1 liters of artificial blood, blood bag, diaper and carrying bag.
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