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2 Led Light/Trolley Version



Suitable for gynaecology, examination, head-bed, intensive-care, ear, nose and throat surgeries. Three independent light sources reduce shadows and provide a deep cylindrical light with highly reduced heat irradiation. Each LED integrates a resistance to ensure the continuous operation of the lamp even in the rare case of a LED fault.

Arm movement servo-assisted by a torsion spring provides lightweight movement and stability of position.

Conform to IEC 60601-1: luminous bipolar switch, safety cord, double fuse, no mechanical hazards, shaped edges tilting test 10°.
Made in Italy.

Adjustable height: 0-160cm
Electronic transformer integrated in the base with double safety fuse.
3 Pin british Plug on request.
Anti-overturning base with 5 rotary spokes.
Technical Specifications
Type of lighting: LED
Consumption (Watt): 9
Life of the bulbs (hours): > 60,000
Light intensity at 50 (lux): > 50,000
Light intensity at 1 m (lux): –
Colour temperature at 5% at 1 m (K): 4,200
Colour rendering index (Ra)%: 90
Light field size at 50 cm (Ø mm): 140
External Ø of the reflector (mm): 90
Colour: white
Norms: IEC 60601-1
Marks: CE 93/42
Weight (kg): –
Operating voltage V: 100-240
Operating Hz: 50/60

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