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Traction Table Electric Operation


Designed specifically for lumber, cervical and cervical in sitting traction procedures.

Featuring a friction free rolling top for effective application of traction force and supplied with harnesses, masts and a spreader bar.

The table is also available as part of a package along with traction machine and flexion stool.

Hydraulic or electric operation
Comfort foam
Easy operation
Low running costs
Hardwearing anti-microbial vinyl
Safe working load 250kg
Retractable castors
Hoist clearance 130mm
Harness set (cervical & lumber traction)
Friction free rolling top
Mast & spreader bar
Traction machine table
Breathing Hole

Length: 198cm (78”) approx
Width: 63cm (25”) approx
Height: 47cm – 97cm approx (18” – 38”)approx



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