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Advanced Oral Care Simulator



The life-like oral cavity and the denture with tooth disease provide oral care training which is close to the clinical practice.



– The Advanced Oral Care Simulator has an anatomically correct oral cavity, trachea, esophagus and replacement dentures.

– Denture with tooth diseases provides training in assessment and care of the oral cavity.

– The patient conditions and positions can be set easily.

– This simulator allows for training in realistic oral cleaning procedure using simulated residue.

– This simulator allows training using water, and also training of suction.


Training Skills:

– Care of gingiva

– Brushing of teeth

– Removal of coat on tongue

– Care for moist retention

– Replacement and maintenance of the denture

– Understanding of airway suction


Oral Anatomy and Tooth Problems:

– Spaced arch

– Food residue

– Anodontia

– Stomatitis

– Isolated tooth

– Coated tongue

– Crowding

– Gingival recession

– Root fracture

– Stump of a tooth


Patient Conditions:

– Complete denture

– Dental problems

– Toothless

– Intratracheal intubation

– Tracheotomy

– Tube feeding


Patient Positions:

– Sitting position

– Half sitting position

– Lateral position

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