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Ambu Man Compression, Set of 5pcs”



Product information “Ambu Man Compression, Set of 5pcs”
The AmbuMan® Compression has been designed as a compact and mobile basic device for general education.

The training device enables optimal training of the correct chest compression, which is the focus of today‘s broad education. Furthermore, defibrillation electrodes can be placed realistically in order to practice the simple use of an AED.

The AmbuMan Compression set of 5 is particularly suitable for group training. It is also available with a head on request.

Realistic chest compression
With compression only CPR it is important to train the correct chest compression. The training device has a display that gives the exerciser feedback on the depth of compression.

Compact and mobile
The AmbuMan Compression is a compact and mobile training device. The AmbuMan Compression set of 5 comes in a practical carrying bag for easy transport to the training location.

Simple AED training
Thanks to its closed torso, the defibrillation electrodes can be placed realistically. This enables easy training of the AED application.

Compact and mobile training device
Realistic chest compression training
Visualization of the correct compression depth
Anatomically correct closed torso
Simple AED training through realistic placement of the defibrillation electrodes
Practical set of 5 for optimal group training

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