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Aracjnoidea Myriapoda



12 Microscope Slides:

1 (e). Garden spider, chelicera and pedipalp, female, w.m.
2(b). Garden spider, w.m. of leg
3(d). Garden spider, w.m. of spinnerets
4(e). Garden spider, abdomen with book-lungs l.s.
5(f). Garden spider, l.s. of the cephalothorax and central nervous system
6(e). Varroa, parasitic mite of bees w.m.
7(c). Tyroglyphus farinae, mite from meal, w.m.
8(d). Dermanyssus gallinae, chicken mite, w.m.
9(e). Sarcoptes, infected skin, showing eggs and mites

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