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Baby Scales MBC



Verification class III (Verification is optional)
Approval for medical use according to 93/42/EEC
Popular in paediatrics, because it has a large weighing pan, which is ergonomically rounded and therefore ideally suited for weighing neonates
Special function for neonatology centres: Difference function for calculating the weight gain before and after feeding
Robust ABS plastic. For easy and hygienic cleaning
Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet
Hold function: When patients do not lie completely still, a stable weight is calculated using an average weight and this is then “frozen”. This means that you have sufficient time to attend to the young patient first and then take the weight reading in peace
MBC-E, Identical in construction to MBC, but without mains adapter, at a particularly attractive price, especially suitable for mobile use eg. for midwives
KERN MBC: Battery- or mains-powered, Optional rechargeable battery pack. Protective working cover included with delivery
MBC-E: Battery operation included, mains operation and rechargeable battery pack as an option
Within the EU, official verification is mandatory by law for scales that are intended for use as a medical device. Please add this to your order. We require the location of use and the post code for the verification.

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