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Battery Aspirator/Ambulance



Supervega 118 and Supervega Evo are electric medical and portable devices for nasal, oral and tracheal aspiration of body fluids in children or adults.
Two or three options of operation: by 100-240 V power feeding, 12 V car adapter or internal rechargeable battery.

Equipped with a long-life brushless motor eliminating any type of smell and coal residuals.

Large LCD
Clear reading of vacuum values along with soft keys for vacuum adjustment increase the accuracy of aspiration.

It controls and manages the power of aspiration, providing a long autonomy to the lightweight lithium-ion battery and quite noise level during operation.

This function prevents and avoids cross-contamination inbetween patients.

Various options of jar
Standard autoclavable (121°C) Makrolon® polycarbonate, optional FLOVAC® disposable liners or autoclavable (143°C) APEC® polycarbonate.

The ambulance wall bracket is 10g dynamically tested according to the EN 1789:2007 European norm.
Technical Specifications
• Motor: Oil-less and maintenance-free piston pump
• Power:
– Internal rechargeable Lithium battery (14.8 V – 5.2 A) – Autonomy 70 min
• Recharge from support bracket
• Max vacuum (adjustable): -0.75 Bar; -75 kPa; -563 mmHg
• Max free air flow rate: 26 l/m
• Size: 35x19x15 cm Weight: 2.7 kg
• Duty cycle: non stop operation (by mains or 12 V only)
• Noise level min/max: 46.7/61.8 dBA
Standard accessories
Polycarbonate jar 1,000 ml with overflow valve system
Antibacterial filter
Suction catheter
Silicone tube set with conical connector
Support bracket for ambulance 20x16x16 cm
Carrying bag
User Manual GB, FR, IT, DE, ES

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