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Birthing manikin „Hana“, basic platform manikin”



Product information “Birthing manikin „Hana“, basic platform manikin”
This full body manikin forms the basis for a comprehensive simulation model in midwifery. The manikin as a basic platform offers general functions like airway management, oxygen administration, gastric tube, IV access in both elbows, and on the back of the hand. Placing a urethral catheter can be explained, IM and subcutaneous injections are possible. The manikin has a female breast for palpation as well as a puncture site for simulation of an epidural catheter. The manikin works as a platform and can be combined with different modules.

Available extension modules:

– Perinatal examination
– Ultrasound examination
– Cervical examination
– Birth module
– Perineal tear
– Puerperal assessment

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