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Body in a Box


Product information “Port – “Body in a Box””
Port – “Body in a Box” is a low cost, compact, lightweight, quick to set up and store training model for the teaching and practice of palpating and accessing IVADs (Implanted Vascular Access Devices). Supplied with a real port, it is possible to simulate accessing the following IVAD placements: normal, “tipping”, “wandering” or deeply placed. Successful access is conrmed by a “blood” return, as the
model has its own 35cc simulated blood reservoir bag neatly tucked inside. Can be accessed in or out of the case. No set-up or put away steps required. Great model to develop hand-eye coordination and gain condence that easily transfers to patient accessing!
– Practice Port
– Skin Flap
– „Tipping“ Insert
– „Floating/Wandering“ Insert
– Simulated Blood Reservoir
Size: 24 x 16 cm, Weight: 1.6 kg
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