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Boel test electronic



Early detection of childhood deafness is a problem which has still not been resolved, this is demonstrated by the fact that too many cases today are detected late. The only screening tool available and used by the pediatrician to assess the hearing abilities of young patients appears to be the Boel test, a tool that tests the child’s response to a sound stimulus, even at an early age (between 6 to 10 months). Simple tool for testing hearing in children made based on the BOEL test both for the ergonomics (it is specially designed to be held in the palm of the hand not visible to the child) and the standard sound of the bells of the Boel test. In fact, the two sound stimuli emitted by the pediatric audiometer reproduce a dull low-frequency tone located around 125-150 Hz and an acute high-frequency tone located at about 5.0-5.1 kHz in exactly the same way as the bells of the Boel test (amplitude 86dBA; 96dBA). This means the child’s response to these highly significant thresholds can be tested. Easy to use, with only two buttons for the selection of two frequencies, lightweight and battery-powered. Made in Italy. To perform original Boel test we suggest to buy an optometric pencil to capture child attention once the test is performe

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