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Breast cancer palpation model


Product information “Breast cancer palpation model”
True to life replica of a female breast with pathological changes. Suitable for training of physicians and medical specialists, but also for instruction in self-examination. Via the use of various special synthetic materials, this model is extremely realistic in appearance and feel. Includes lumps, lymph node metastases and breast and skin changes.
Shown on the picture:
1. Irregular lump, cancer, 2. Soft, flat lump, benign tumour 3. Irregular lump, cancer, 4. Lymph node metastasis, axillary 5. Lymph node metastasis, cervical, 6. Inverted nipple (as symptom of underlying cancer), 7. Paget‘s disease, 8. Indentation (caused by underlying cancer), 9. Oedema of the skin, orange peel skin, 10. Mastitis with erythema

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