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Catheterization trainer with male genital insert „



Product information “Catheterization trainer with male genital insert „Henri“ and female genital insert „Florence“”
Named after historical figures Henri Dunant and Florence Nightingale, our professional training models realistically simulate and educate on proper transurethral bladder catheterization in both the male and female human. Their namesake represents our appreciation for important milestones in medical innovation and our commitment to setting new standards for patient care education. The pelvic housing is modular, allowing for the use of both male and female genital inserts while strictly maintaining the unique anatomical position of each. The innovative bladder is designed to accommodate these different anatomies and guarantee an uninterrupted urethral path from meatus to bladder neck. Both anatomical inserts are made with high quality materials that closely simulate real human tissues in both appearance and feel while also remaining strong and durable.
The shape of the bladder is specially designed to avoid the unrealistic resistance present in existing catheterization trainers. This helps prevent students from trying to “palpate” the back of the bladder as a way to correctly gauge insertion depth. The bladder also utilizes a new innovative type of valve, preventing unnatural resistance when the catheter enters the bladder. The bladder is also transparent, enabling the student the option to see the catheter’s position and depth. This provides excellent training on foley catheters as the user can actually watch the balloon inflate and be seated. The bladder connects easily to a provided fluid bag which provides natural “urine“ flow following successful catheterization.

The male genitalia insert includes a replaceable foreskin, with extremely realistic mobility, to allow training of retraction, handling and other hygiene procedures. The model has the most realistic urethra of all currently available catheterization trainers in the market. All four zones of the urethra
are represented with corresponding anatomical shape and resistance during catheterization. Also included is a strap which, when attached will simulate narrowing of the prostate due to BPH or prostate cancer. This module is an excellent to teach and show students exactly why the use of larger or more rigid catheter is critical in this situation.

The female genitalia insert is designed to require spreading the flexible labia in order to locate the urethral meatus. The female urethral opening is not immediately obvious and is located very close to the open vaginal canal highlighting the potential for unsuccessful catheterization. The urethra
provides a realistic amount of resistance and feels life-like during catheter insertion.

This training model is available as combination with both genital inserts or as a male only or female only version. The inserts are also available for individual purchase so that customers can easily upgrade from a unisex model to a dual sex version.

Delivered with a soft carrying case.

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