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Chester Chest



Chester Chest is a life-like model of a human torso, including a detachable right arm, that allows to learn and demonstrate competency with the most common types of long term vascular access devices (VAD’s): implanted ports, central venous catheters (CVC’s) and peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC‘s), within one simple, compact, and portable training model. All of the vascular access devices used are actual clinical devices not unrealistic imitations. This model offers a dramatically realistic tactile sensation when palpating the location of a port. This is achieved through a unique material duplicating the feel of human tissue. Additionally, inserts that come with the model permit the following difcult accessing to be practiced: deeply placed port, tilting or tipping port and wandering or shifting port. The distal ends of each device are attached to a simulated blood reservoir bag to permit uid infusion or “blood” withdrawal. External jugular or subclavian catheters can be added through existing openings on the model. Chester Chest can be used in either an upright or supine position. Chester Chest is a complete unit consisting of a life-sized torso with neck and chin, detachable right arm, outer tissue ap, three difcult accessing inserts, an actual implanted port, CVC, PICC, openings for attachment of a subclavian or external jugular catheter, “blood” reservoir bags, tubing, talc baby powder and user‘s information.

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