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Chicken Embryology


10 Microscope Slides:

1(f). Chicken, 24 hour, t.s. with neural groove, notochord, germ layers
2(f). Chicken, 36 hour, t.s. with neural tube
3(g). Chicken, 48 hour, l.s. with differentiation of mesoderm and ectoderm
4(f). Chicken, 3 day, t.s. through body showing amnion and serosa
5(f). Chicken, 3 day, t.s. of head with primordium of brain, eyes and heart
6(g). Chicken, 3-4 day, horizontal section of entire specimen shows primordia of organs
7(f). Chicken, 4-5 day, t.s. region of head with brain, gill arches
8(f). Chicken, 4-5 day, t.s. region of heart
9(g). Chicken, 8 day, sagittal l.s. through entire specimen showing embryonic organs
10(f). Chicken, feather development, sec. through wings.

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