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CVC Insertion Simulator III”



Product information “CVC Insertion Simulator III”
The CVC Insertion Simulator III provides training in a sequence of procedural skills from the needle insertion to catheter placement, including Seldinger technique. It provides training opportunities in an array of procedural skills from determining the insertion site to placement of the catheter
without interruption. Both landmark and ultrasound-guided catheterization are possible in one pad.



– Repeated insertion
The improved frictionless tissue of the pad allows Seldinger technique and repeated insertion and removing of the catheter with less needle marks left on the surface of the pad.

– Both landmark and ultrasound-guided CVC:
The anatomically correct structure facilitate training in both landmark and ultrasound-guided CVC.

– Mechanical complications, such as arterial puncture and pneumothorax can be simulated for training.

– New material
The close-to-human tissue material of the pad provides true-to-life sensation inserting the catheter.

– Realistic venous collapse
The vein collapses under the pressure of the ultrasound probe.


The pad shows the following anatomical structures:

– Internal jugular vein & carotid artery

– Subclavian vein & artery

– Superior vena cava

– Ribs

– Sternum

– Lung


Training Skills:
– Ultrasound-guided CVC

– Landmark guided CVC

– Ultrasound-guided venous access

– Prevention of mechanical complications


The new and innovative material does provide an incredible realism and tactile excellence as well as ultrasound imaging quality. However, due to its special material, the injection pad has a limited shelf life once it is unpacked.

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