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Deluxe Muscled Arms/Legs Offer

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Life-Sized Deluxe Muscled Arm – 6 part: High quality muscular arm supplied on base. The following muscles can be detached in this life-size muscular arm model:
Deltoid muscles
Biceps muscle of arm
Triceps muscle of arm
Long palmar muscle with radial flexor muscle of wrist
Brachioradial muscle with radial extensor muscle of wrist
Life-Sized Deluxe Muscled Leg – 7 part: This life-size muscular leg model is supplied on base and can be disassembled into upper and lower leg. The following muscles can be detached from the muscular leg:
Long head of biceps femoris muscle with semitendinous muscle
Sartorius muscle
Gluteus maximus muscle
Rectus femoris muscle
Gastrocnemius muscle

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