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Didactic Skeleton


Product information “Didactic skeleton “Osar””
First class reproduction of a male adult skeleton. This skeleton is manufactured after our strict quality regulations. The stable mounting and robust structure guarantees a long lasting quality even in intensive use.


– Perfect value for money

– Final assembly by hand in Germany
– Made of durable, unbreakable plastic
– Natural skeleton size
– The teeth are manufactured separately and inserted into the jaw.
– The limbs can be removed and reattached very fast and easy using a quick fastener.
– Shoulder, hip and knee joints do have flexible rubber attachments that allow lifelike, sliding joint movements. This distinguishs Oscar pleasantly from less mobile models with metal joints.
– The about 200 bones of the skeleton correspond with real human bones in size and nearly in weight.
– The skeleton is anatomically correct and complete, it shows all important structures and foramina.
– 5-spoke roller stand, rugged, smooth-running and removable.
– The spine of the skeleton shows spinal nerves, the vertebral artery and a dorsolateral disc prolapse.

Size with stand: 178 cm, size without stand: approx. 160 cm
Weight: approx. 9 kg

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