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Digital Centrifuge 6/Tubes



ZIP-IQ TT Centrifuge

6-place test tube centrifuge for spinning blood, urine and other fluids in 0.5 to 15ml tubes and microtubes.
Very small and sturdy unit.
Speed and time can be adjusted by digital controls.
Display shows time speed and time remaining.
Maintenance-free, brushless motor spins at 5,000 rpm (2,500 g) producing serum in as little as 5 min. 2,000 rpm (400 g) to spin urine in 5 min.
Auto-brake stops rotor in 10 sec. Lid opens automatically upon completion.

Recommended Fluid Speeds and Times:
Fluid: Blood
Tube Size: Large (6-15 ml)
Inserts: None or Black
Speeds: 5,000 rpm
Times: 5 minutes

Fluid: Blood
Tube Size: Small (3-5 ml)
Inserts: White
Speeds: 5,000 rpm
Times: 6 minutes

Fluid: Blood
Tube Size: Microtubes (0.5-2.0 ml)
Inserts: Green
Speeds: 5,000 rpm
Times: 7 minutes

Fluid: Urine
Tube Size: 10-15 ml urine tubes
Inserts: None
Speeds: 2,000 rpm
Times: 5 minutes

Fluid: Fecals
Tube Size: 10-15 ml fecal tubes
Inserts: None
Speeds: 1,700 rpm
Times: 6 minutes
Technical Specifications
Speed Range: 300-5,000 rpm (increments of 100)
Maximum RCF: 2,500 g
Max. Volume: 6, 15ml test tubes
Input Voltage: 100-240 V AC; 50-60 Hz
Output Voltage: 24 V DC, 4 Amps
dBA: 53 ± 3 dBA at 18-24”
Timer: 15 sec – 99 min
Size: 212x270xh 158 mm
Weight: 4.5 kg
Standard accessories
6-place angled rotor for 7-15ml tubes
6 black inserts for 5-6ml tubes
6 white inserts for 3-4ml tubes
6 green inserts for 0.5-2.0ml microtubes
Hex wrench for rotor nut
User manual: GB, IT

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