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Disarticulated Human Skeleton Model with Painted Muscles, Complete with 3-part Skull –


hand-painted and numbered to show muscle origins in red and muscle insertions in blue on the left side. The disarticulated skeleton’s bones and bony structures such as fissures, foramina and processes are hand-numbered on the right side. The skull is detachable into 3 parts for detailed anatomical study. Consists of 53 pieces.

The muscle disarticulated full skeleton features:
One hand and foot on wire
One set of arms and leg loosely
Vertebral column strung on thin, nylon wire
Multilingual product manual to identify over 600 numbered anatomical structures
Supplied in a sturdy partitioned cardboard storage box

This high quality skeleton replica is great for any in depth study of the human skeleton and scientific anatomy studies. Add the disarticulated full muscle skeleton to your class
room or doctors office!

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